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Friday, April 5

6:00am PDT

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Friday - Case Studies of Media and Urban Crisis [BURD TRACK ON MEDIA & URBAN LIFE] Green Room Friday - City and Regional Governance [URBAN ISSUES IN ASIA & PACIFIC RIM TRACK] Crystal Room Friday - Issues and Problems of Implementation of Metropolitan Planning: The Quebec Example French Room Friday - Measuring Vulnerability and Resilience in the Big Picture George Smith Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Megaprojects and City Branding [URBAN ISSUES IN ASIA & PACIFIC RIM TRACK] Fountain Room Friday - Multi-ethnic and Immigrant Communities International Room Friday - Negotiating Within and Around Low Income Housing Policies in the United States Venetian Room Friday - Participants and Processes in Urban Design Stanford Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Political Parties & Political Segregation California Room Friday - Politics, Social Media and the Emerging Urban System Vanderbilt Room Friday - Poverty, Segregation and Well Being Hunt Room Friday - Preserving and Interpreting Meaning in Historic Spaces Garden Room Friday - The Education of At-Risk Youth Empire Room Friday - The Local Politics of Financialization II: Tensions, Contradictions and Contestation in Community Practice and Urban Governance Pavillion Room Friday - The Politics of a Global Urban Condition Terrace Room Friday - Tourism and Economic Development Grand Ballroom Lounge Friday - Towards Participatory Governance Far East Room Friday - Urban Sustainability II: Strategies and Ideas from the United States and the World Six Continents Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel)

10:35am PDT

10:55am PDT

Friday - Urban Policy in the Age of Obama: An Assessment of the First Term; Colloquy Session III: Place-based initiatives and the Obama administration Terrace Room Friday - A New Horizon in Urban Housing: On Ways to Augment Permanently Affordable Homeownership through the Community Land Trust Model. Venetian Room Friday - Bottom Up Views on Race and Diversity California Room Friday - Citizen Participation in Urban & Community Development French Room Friday - Continuity and Change in Cities [URBAN ISSUES IN ASIA & PACIFIC RIM TRACK] Crystal Room Friday - Disaster Planning and Resilient Cities [URBAN ISSUES IN ASIA & PACIFIC RIM TRACK] Fountain Room Friday - Dynamics of Intergovernmental Relations: Local and Global Vanderbilt Room Friday - Environmental Justice, the Built Environment and Environmental Policies in Urban Areas Six Continents Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Global Perspectives on Urban Design Garden Room Friday - Government and Governance in Disaster Preparation and Recovery George Smith Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Immigration, Politics and Policy International Room Friday - Investors on the Block: How Distressed Property Investors are Changing the Dynamics of American Regions, Cities and Neighborhoods, Part 2 Pavillion Room Friday - Jobs and Issues of Equity in Urban America Far East Room Friday - Measuring Sustainability and Urban Form Across Cities Stanford Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Social Capital, Civic Identity and Collective Efficacy Empire Room Friday - The Politics of Urban Policy Circulation I: Mobilizing People and Policies Hunt Room Friday - The Return of Urban Fiscal Crisis Grand Ballroom Lounge Friday - Urban Media Culture: Adoption and Adaptation [BURD TRACK ON MEDIA & URBAN LIFE] Green Room

12:20pm PDT

2:05pm PDT

Friday - Re-framing Our Conversations About Cities: A Discussion Vanderbilt Room Friday - The City in Global Affairs Empire Room Friday - The City Speaks [BURD TRACK ON MEDIA & URBAN LIFE] Green Room Friday - Who Rules American Cities?: Reflections on the Contributions of G. William Domhoff to the Understanding of Urban Power Structures Terrace Room Friday - Community Indicators in Local Policy-making Stanford Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Comparative Approaches to Race, Community and Politics: National Rhetoric, Local Reality International Room Friday - Education in Local Context: Design, Policy and Governance Far East Room Friday - Entrepreneurial Approaches to Economic Development Grand Ballroom Lounge Friday - Foreclosures and the Housing Crisis: Differential Impacts and Responses French Room Friday - From People's Plans to Official Plans: Community Planning and Land Value Capture (LVR) in San Francisco Garden Room Friday - Gentrification and Urban Development Pavillion Room Friday - Going Green in the Urban Environment: U.S. and International Perspectives Six Continents Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Motivations Driving Civic Participation California Room Friday - Neighborhood Change, Social Diversity and Neighborhood Dynamics Venetian Room Friday - New Directions In Urban Planning [URBAN ISSUES IN ASIA & PACIFIC RIM TRACK] Crystal Room Friday - The Politics of Urban Policy Circulation II: Eco-cities and Sustainable Urbanism George Smith Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Urban and Rural Renewal [URBAN ISSUES IN ASIA & PACIFIC RIM TRACK] Fountain Room Friday - Urban Management and Public Service Provision Hunt Room

3:30pm PDT

Friday - Coffee Break Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] A CBPR Intervention Aimed at Improving Social Determinants of Health and Access to Care: Preliminary Results Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] A Science-based Approach for Environmental Policy Development: Groundwater Under Direct Influence (GUDI) of surface water Terms of Reference Review Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] A Spatial Analysis of School District Segregation, Finance, and Educational Outcomes in Western New York Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] A Tale of Complexity and Conflict in the Planned Unit Development Process Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] African American Children with Severe Disabilities: How to Best Meet Their Needs in Urban Settings Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Analysis of DFW Metropolitan Planning Area Urban Growth Pattern: Focus on Single-Family Residential Development Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Are Nonprofit Organizations Prepared for Disasters? A Question of their Mitigation and Preparedness Strategies Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Assessment of Potential Damage in an Event of a Natural Disaster Using FEMA-HAZUS Model Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Building Sustainability through Partnering: Transportation and Material Reuse in New York City Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Communities and Environmental Inequities Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Engaging Vulnerable Populations in Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Equity in Accessibility: Applications in the Atlanta Metropolitan Region Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Geographic Access to Healthy and Unhealthy Foods for the Older Population in Florida: Case Study of Sarasota County, FL Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Governance and negotiations between public actors, investors and civil society in a development project:the contested Triangle of Gonesse-ParisRegion Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Home Brewed Economic Development: How Michigan's Craft Beer Industry Is Enhancing Cities around the State Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Job-Housing Imbalance for Social Housing Residents in China: The Case of Guangzhou Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Korea's Vulnerability Index of Natural Disasters Caused by Climate Change Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Measuring Walk-Access to Parks in Terms of Sidewalk Availability, Quality and Connectivity Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Organizing for Community Benefits in Pittsburgh's Hill District: A Case Example and Model for Community Resident Engagement, Education & Action Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Planning the Undocumented City Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Policy planning proposal for chittagong, bangladesh region to impede increase human and sex trafficking of children Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Redevelopment in the Suburbs of Baltimore: Creating a more socially sustainable metropolis Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Revisiting Lessons from HUD's COPC Program: University-Community Partnerships for Community Development 10 years later Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Risk Management for Urban-rural Conflict in Urbanization Process [URBAN ISSUES IN ASIA & PACIFIC RIM TRACK] Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Social Impact of Globalization and Urbanization in India: Study of a Less Developed Region Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] The Implications of Neighborhood Outcomes for Formerly Homeless Veterans in the HUD-VASH Program Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] The Link Between Hypertension and Environmental Racism Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] The Location of a Highly Skilled Labor Force and US-subsidiaries in Germany Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] The Status of Domestic and Foreign Community-led Eco-village and the Study on Planning Factor Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] The Study on Energy Use Status of 'Carbon Point Program' Participants and Analysis on Greenhouse Gas Emission Status Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Toward a Theory of Urban Flash Mob Violence Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Urban Liveability: Problematizing Tourism Planning in Bávaro-Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Gold Room Friday - [POSTER] Women of Faith and Hope: A Case Study Approach to Community Healthcare Education, Outreach, and Social Change Gold Room [POSTER] Taking Stock of Neighborhood: Citizen Engagement and Community Assessment Gold Room Friday - JUA Editorial Board State Room

4:05pm PDT

Friday - The HOPE SF Mixed-Income Initiative San Francisco’s Unique Approach to Public Housing Transformation Venetian Room Friday - UAA Asian Collaboration Roundtable [URBAN ISSUES IN ASIA & PACIFIC RIM TRACK] Crystal Room Friday - Citizen Participation in Local Decision Making: Fiscal Crises and Beyond California Room Friday - Contesting the Meaning of Public and Private Vanderbilt Room Friday - Farming and gardening in the city: the politics and practices of urban agriculture in the 21st century Stanford Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Governing Sustainable Communities through Conflict and Crisis Far East Room Friday - Growth and Development: Fragmented or Smart? Garden Room Friday - Institutional Roles in Community Development: Government, Foundations and Street Level Green Room Friday - Location, Location, Location: Three Perspectives on Residential Location Choice French Room Friday - Metropolitan Governance: Impacts on Public Services and Economic Development Fountain Room Friday - Neighborhood as Environment: Walkability, Open Space and Connection Pavillion Room Friday - Post-Industrial Development Strategies Grand Ballroom Lounge Friday - Public Transportation Challenges and Opportunities George Smith Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Race, Ethnicity and Metropolitan Segregation Hunt Room Friday - The Politics of Urban Policy Circulation III: Planning and Redevelopment Terrace Room Friday - Urban Immigration: Challenges and Solutions International Room Friday - Urban Sustainability I: Governmental Practices and Policies Six Continents Room (Mark Hopkins Hotel) Friday - Well-being and Satisfaction Indicators for Cities Empire Room

5:30pm PDT

7:00pm PDT


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